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Jacksonville Memory Gardens Funeral Cemetery and Funeral Home, in Orange Park, FL, provides personalized service to every family. Our goal is to meet the personal desires of our clients and their loved ones. We offer traditional services, graveside services, memorial services, and cremation services. We have both a funeral home and a cemetery on the property.

Our funeral home offers traditional funeral services, which include visitation or a viewing and a formal funeral service at a local church, at the funeral home, or at a location that you choose. This service also includes the hearse or other necessary automotive equipment to transport the body to the cemetery and funeral site. When preparing for a traditional funeral service, it is customary to purchase certain items such as memorial folders, a memorial registration book, and acknowledgement cards.

Personalizing a memorial service or funeral can be therapeutic. It can give you and your loved ones something to view and relive memories during the service. Memorabilia, such as photographs, work to personalize a funeral service further. Floral tributes are also a common display. A tribute DVD is another wonderful idea during a funeral or memorial service. Our funeral home directors and our other staff members are great at telling the story of the loved one.

Our funeral home’s professional staff members have many other ideas you can use to personalize a service. We can create photographic collages on a board. You can display awards, trophies, and other items, such as musical instruments or favorite sports team items, during a funeral home service.

We want to take time with you and your family to discuss all of our funeral and memorial service options. Visit us at Jacksonville Memory Gardens Funeral Cemetery and Funeral Home to find out more about the exceptional services we offer.